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This winter, get ready to continue gardening all-year-round, by growing our microgreen gardening box. This Garden Hippie, Winter Box, brings forth growable plants… no greenhouse or green thumb required. For this season, dive into 5 unique vegetable varieties tailored for microgreen growing. Each microgreen gardening box contains easy to follow instructions, along with gardening goodies, [...]


  • Bright 3-D Flowers
  • Locally Picked, Each Flower Dried 3-4 Weeks


  • Three window panes of small pressed bouquets
  • Three glass frames perfect for your own photos


  • Artfully Designed 2 Pane Window Frame
  • Bring Nature in All-Year-Round

Pressed Flowers

Pressed Flower Magnets


A touch of whimsy and art, these pressed flower magnets liven up any space. Great for anyone who loves museums, finds themselves attached to art, and want to bring nature into their lives. These are tiny pieces of beautiful art….  also happen to be magnets. Each one is unique in its shape, size, and color. [...]


Each box contains seasonal appropriate flowers, vegetables, and plants. As well as, gardening goodies and handy-dandy instructions.