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  • $12.00 a month - One duo set each month
  • Brand New Flower and Vegetable Seeds to Grow Each Month
  • Perfect for Container Garden / Apartment Lifestyle
  • 12 Month Subscription


This winter, get ready to continue gardening all-year-round, by growing our microgreen gardening box. This Garden Hippie, Winter Box, brings forth growable plants… no greenhouse or green thumb required. For this season, dive into 5 unique vegetable varieties tailored for microgreen growing. Each microgreen gardening box contains easy to follow instructions, along with gardening goodies, [...]


Each box contains seasonal appropriate flowers, vegetables, and plants. As well as, gardening goodies and handy-dandy instructions.


Garden Hippie Fall Box


Unique flowers and fresh vegetables for the fall growing season. Contains easy to follow instructions and gardening goodies! Become A Gardening Pro With a new box shipped every three months, keep your green thumb growing!