Pressed Flower Phone Case

Flowers to Put in Your Back Pocket

Not all the way literal…. but somewhat. Okay, so you can’t go sticking flowers in your back pocket without them being protected. You could, but then you’d get a wet mushy pile of green. Instead, I offer you a way to give your phone the little black dress its’ always wanted.

A unique pressed flower phone case that keeps nature with you wherever you go. It can be called upon in a time of need, for when store-bought cases are not good enough. And let’s be honest, they never should be.

Creating a Pressed Flowered – Phone Case

Pressed Flower Phone Case NoFarmNeeded

Supplies You Will Need:

  1. Desired Flower
  2. Clear phone case (make sure it fits first)
  3. Epoxy – can be found here
  4. Wooden stick
  5. 2 paper cups
  6. White glue
  7. Paintbrush

Watch the Video for Step-By-Step Directions


[wpvideo ycTQ0Rth]

Be Creative!

A great way to keep nature with you where ever you travel. So go out into the garden, pick your favorite flower, and get ready to show off your love of gardening!

For information on how you can buy your own unique pressed flower phone case visit NoFarmNeeded on Etsy.


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