Not the Way Your Grandma Pressed

Not The Way Your Grandma Pressed NoFarmNeeded

Not The Way Your Grandma Pressed

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This week I had a wonderful opportunity to present at this year’s Chicago Flower and Garden show. I presented, “Not the Way Your Grandma Pressed”, a session on learning new techniques and creative ideas that you can do to press flowers.


It was awesome! I had an amazing group of people show up to watch.

Not the Way Your Grandma Pressed NoFarmNeeded

Then it got me thinking. How can I bring this information to even more people? Drumroll, please……….. I taped it.

If you click below you can see my presentation and hopefully learn something new. Let me know what you think.

[wpvideo ChFNEGNT]

And…. did you learn something new?

Just in case here are,

5 Tips to Remember about Pressing Flowers

  1. Get a wide range of flowers in different stages and varieties
  2. Place your flower exactly how you want it to be pressed via the technique you are using
  3. Depending on technique, change out the newspaper, parchment paper, cardboard, or paper towels every three days for the first two weeks
  4. Make sure your flower is fully dried before use (paper-y and thin petals
  5. Be creative with the designs! (Use the scraps too!)

Love the look but don’t want the hassle of making them? Check out my Etsy account here.

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