It’s Time to Redefine Gardeners

Let’s start off with a basic fact…. We are two horticulturalists. Yes, people who actually went to school learning all plant’s fleshy green features.

With this knowledge we have found our passion for gardening a bit lacking in others….. alright, a lot of others. It seems people have the notion that “gardening,” should only be done by retires or farmers. When really, it should be for anyone willing to get their hands a bit dirty.

Two Horticulturists - Allison Zeeb and Gail Pabst -No Farm Needed

“You don’t need a farm to have plants. You just need passion and a little soil.”

– NoFarmNeeded (yes, that’s me!) 

I (Allison) first created the blog NoFarmNeeded to get people excited about plants. Everywhere I went, I was meeting people who never had a garden because “they don’t have a green thumb.”

You’re not born with a green thumb, you nurture one. Cause for plants, all you need is some soil, some water and the sun. (Maybe a bit of love, too.)

NoFarmNeeded was my starting block to show others how plants can change their surroundings and find ways into everyone’s life.


The Garden Hippie Box is Born

Keeping up a blog wasn’t enough for the two of us. We wanted to paint the town green, literally with plants!

During this time, I moved into my own apartment space, becoming a true to nature #plantparent. I loved my balcony, pushing gardening to every corner I could. My neighbors and friends were constantly asking me, “how are you getting all of these plants to live!”

They’ve tried vainly, growing flowers in the past but have had no luck keeping them alive. Heck, they’ve tried gardening subscription boxes with flowers that never bloomed. That’s where the Garden Hippie subscription box was born. A way to get even the smallest of spaces, apartment balconies, and tiny plots transformed with plants. The best part is? They’re “horticulturist approved”!

*We didn’t get a plant degree for nothing.

This box has plants that are easy to grow, instructions on how exactly to grow the seed, and gardening goodies as an added bonus! With instructions and informational videos on the site and in the box. Love it? I do!

We want people to be as passionate about plants as we are. If it means painting the town green? Then you better grab a paint brush (or pick up a box!).

— Allison Zeeb and Gail Pabst