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Giving Microgreens A Try by Growing Your Own Indoors!

Giving Microgreens a Try-grow your own microgreens - nofarmneeded
Winter months… do you think there is nothing to grow? Think again! How about growing your own Microgreens indoors a try? Microgreens are an easy healthy way to add fresh greens to your salads, smoothies and sandwiches. An added bonus? you get to grow them yourself! What are Microgreens? A variety of edible immature greens grown [...]

Knot Your Average Hanging Basket

A little rope, a few knots, and a big smile. Create effortless hanging baskets to get your indoor plants off the table!

Lighter Then Air becoming an Air Plant Artist

Artsy Air Plants NoFarmNeeded

Artsy Air Plants in 5 different ways that are easy enough to create at home.