Shrubbing—8 Easy Shrub Recipies

Shhhh….it’s a shrub

This isn’t a shrub you stick in your garden. Check my earlier post found here for the rundown on ‘drinking vinegar’.


Shrub (verb). Shrubed. Shrubbing, the act of drinking shrub. Example: Stacy shrubed after eating too much gluten.

A few weeks ago, I really got into drinking 2 tablespoons of shrub a day, or what I like to call shrubbing. And let me tell you, my digestive system has never been better. I feel great, like drinking kombucha but with a punch!

One day I had eaten too much spaghetti, and my stomach was not liking all the tomato acid, so I downed my 2 tablespoons and low a behold I felt amazing less than an hour later. See, the shrub (which is very acidic) fought my heartburn (which is acid just coming up)…with more acid. Fight Fire with Fire baby.

Then another time I ate too much chocolate birthday cake (I know, we have all been there), I shrubed, then boom! Again I felt a million times better because the acid really kicked my sugar high away. It also helps me when I come home from the airport with travelers stomach. Every time I am stuck in planes, cars or just off my normal schedule my stomach just feels yucky. I shrubed and boom! Soooo much better.

After posting my easy 3 Ingredient Shrub recipe found here I got a lot of happy responses saying you need more recipes! And I am so glad because shurb is supposed to taste good…it is not supposed to be a chore. So here are a few recipes that I found work really well for me. In most of them, I use apple cider vinegar. I use this because I like the taste, but if you don’t, there are plenty of other kinds of vinegar out there to try.

In one of them, I use pomegranate vinegar… which I happily found at Trader Joes and would highly recommend it for those who love pomegranate! I have used this vinegar with other fruits but they all end up tasting like pomegranate so use it sparingly.

These are 8 recipes I love and have tried multiple times. They are delicious and if you have questions or ideas…please let me know in the comments below! I would love to know what you use shrub for. Enjoy! (remember just 2 tablespoons a day.)

Shrub Recipes (2).png (3) (4) (5) (7) (8) (9) (10)


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  1. Wow they all look awesome. I think I am going to try the berry blast first, I have all those things in my fridge now!


  2. Not many know about shrubs. I am surprised to read about it. One of the guys at work wants to make these sorts of things, but like so much of old technology, it is not documented very thoroughly. What I mean is there are not so many recipes for them.


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