Lighter Then Air

Air Plants are My New Canvas

A fun member of the pineapple family, you might have seen these wonderful plants hanging in terrariums, tethered to rocks, or roped from the ceiling.

For me, this idea struck just as I was staring at my apartment walls. I couldn’t help but think they need something! Sure, posters have already claimed 2/3rds of the white… but how could I make it homey? The walls cried out for green, I decided to deliver.

Living plants that do not need soil or water… it’s time to be creative!

Air Plants NoFarmNeeded

For the Brown Thumbs

Air plants get all of their nutrients and water through their leaves. Which is very appealing for those who live for minimal worrying for their green babies. Although they don’t need a lot of attention, basic care is needed.
Basic Air Plant Care NoFarmNeeded

Bringing Out the Easel

Without an artist an easel is nothing. Sticking to those rules, without an air plant a terrarium is nonexistent. Here’s how I air plant it up!

Terrific Terrariums

Image result for terrariums and air plants

For Keeps Store!

Wonderful Wearables

Image result for air plant earrings

Now here I am!

Air Plant Earrings.JPG

Wooden Wonders

Wooden 2 NoFarmNeeded

wooden 1

wooden 3 NoFarmNeeded

Check out NoFarmNeeded on Etsy!

Graceful Gliders

hang air plants, succulents & flowers

Joy Us Garden.

Roped and Wired

Add a bit of whimsy to your front door with a trio of air plant hangers. We have a hunch these miniature trapezes for our favorite epiphytes will be the conversation starter at your holiday parties…


Viewing Your Work

As I sit eating breakfast with a warm tea in my hand, my eyes travel around the apartment. There’s artwork plastered across my white barren walls showcasing work from both Van Gogh and Pablo. While hanging right next to them are my graceful gliders and wooden wonders, housing air plants that glimmer in the light.

I grin.

My plants, my art, have combined as one.

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