Easy to Make Watering Can

Watering Can NoFarmNeeded

Your Very Own Watering Can

People have closets full of shoes.

I have a garage full of watering cans.

They serve no purpose. Honestly, I probably only need one. But just the thought of a watering can makes me smile. Caring one in each hand, as water spills down my legs reminds me of summer… it is summer in a bottle.

My dilemma:

  1. I moved to a new apartment
  2. I have a tomato plant I need to water
  3. Watering cans are more expensive than I had thought

Really, watering cans can cost up to ten dollars. Do you want one with different shaped holes? What about colors? How about the shape of the container, should it be bean shaped? Too many options with too many different prices.

I couldn’t make up my mind.

I wanted them all but did not want to spend that much. Especially because watering cans are a huge use of plastic (unless I splurge for a metal).

What was my solution?

My own watering. This watering can, is made from a 3-liter jug I had on my kitchen counter. A way to reduce, reuse, and recycle. I could make whatever hole size I needed for the nozzle and didn’t have to spend the extra cash to do it.

The Process:


First, you need a jug, scissors, and a plant that needs to be watered (want to plant a tomato this summer? Learn how to properly plant one here!).

Utensils for Watering Can

Secondly, poke holes into the top of the lid of the jug with the scissors. I made five holes, nothing too large to drown my seeds but big enough to water my plant quickly.

Thirdly… water your plant! It’s that easy.

Watering the plant

The Perfect Watering Can

It’s a small act to save plastic, water your plants, and you can get back to planting more plants even faster!

Seeing my own watering cans next to the store bought, I grin. They might not look the same, but I think my watering can works better!

Spring is the time to plant . . . Make now be the time to save the earth, some money, and get a little creative!

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  1. Looks like an easier way than having that large stream of water that moves the dirt come from the watering can! Recycle, Reuse, Reduce!

    Liked by 1 person

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